The Weekly Five

Here’s what I am looking forward to this week!

1. I’m Reading: The Second Empress by Michelle Moran. The book covers the last six years of Napoleon’s reign and specifically touches on his relationships with his second wife, Maria-Lucia of Austria and his sister, Pauline. It is told through the alternating voices of Maria-Lucia, Pauline, and Pauline’s chamberlain, Paul Moreau who came to serve her after Haiti was freed from French rule. According to the author’s historical notes, the novel is based almost entirely in fact from letters and memoirs that were written by Napoleon and the people around him.

2. I’m Pinning: This book shelf that doubles as a shoe closet is absolutely brilliant! Why did I not think of this before for my shoe addiction.

3. I’m Eating: Smushed Marshmellows. What a great idea this is! Just take some marshmellows, pour some melted chocolate and top with a candy of your choice. This is going into my recipe rotation.

4. I’m Coveting: Meghan Los Angeles Rylan Tunic in Currant, $89 at CoutureCandy. This lovely tunic was originally $297. Gorgeous!


5. I’m Watching: MTV VMA’s, which air this Thursday at 8pm on MTV. The always buzzworthy and day after gossip fodder – can’t wait!

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